We offer a variety of programs to help your child get the most of their online education. From one-one-one tutoring to group study sessions to fun art activities, we aim to engage the students and provide new ways to discover their strengths and interests.

Math Exercises


We understand how difficult it can be to learn new materials without the face-to-face interaction of a regular classroom setting. This service is aimed to assist students with understanding of class content, homework completion, assignment ideas, and study tips and tricks. Each student is paired with a tutor, and they arrange sessions totaling up to 2 hours a week using online platforms such as Zoom, Skype, etc. Our one-on-one format allows students to gain full attention and tailored tutoring to help them understand their weaknesses and strengths.



This program is designed to enhance students' reading and listening skills in a group setting. Once a week, a tutor will select a short story or article and read it out loud. Students can get engaged by reading along and learning new language and communication skills.

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Besides lessons and homework, we believe getting engaged in hands-on activities is an important component of a student's education! We offer creative tutorials once a week where tutors share skills such as drawing, making crafts, and music. This is a fun opportunity for students to explore and discover new interests!

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