Enjoy Summer with A.C.E. Learning  

From July 12 to August 20, 2021, we will be providing different programs that will help foster an engaging and interactive atmosphere to stimulate your child's curiosity and creativity. Every week, there will be various activities that your child can sign up for. The sessions will only be open to those who are registered for our summer programs.


Registration for Summer Programs are now closed! Stay tuned for next year!

Registration Closed


The Reading Circle program will bring together a small group of children each week and help them enhance their English reading, listening and comprehension skills. To ensure that children of all reading levels can be engaged, we have three different programs planned: 

Beginner Reading Circle

This is great for children who are starting to read. Every week, our volunteers will prepare a short story with various activities that will help improve English reading and comprehension skills. 

Intermediate Reading Circle

This program is targeted for children who are looking to improve their reading. During each session, children will take turns reading a passage out loud with support from our volunteers. At the end, there will be a short discussion to facilitate their understanding of the story. 

Advanced Reading Circle

This program is great for avid young readers. Every week, students will come together to discuss a short novel that was assigned to them. In each session, there will be a new literacy analysis skill introduced (e.g. identifying the purpose of rhetorical devices, plot summaries or character development).


Besides lessons and homework, we believe getting engaged in hands-on activities is an important component of a student's education! We will be offering creative tutorials once a week where tutors share skills such as drawing, making crafts, and music. This is a fun opportunity for students to explore and discover new interests!

Creative Corner

Whether it’s folding origami roses, learning how to draw, or sharing their hobbies, our Creative Corner program will help your child discover new interests and hobbies.