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The ACE Learning volunteer team aims to provide learning support to elementary school students who face difficulties adjusting to independent, online learning. We also seek to ease the challenges of parents who may be struggling to balance work with education of their child. With ACE Learning, we hope to change the way students learn and inspire them to discover new skills and interests.

Remote Learning



Currently accepting applications for School Year 2022/2023


Tutors will be required to meet remotely with their student for at least 1 hour a week, with a minimum commitment of 8 months (September - April) or 3 months (June-August). To apply, fill out the application form below.

Tailored Tutoring Program

**Discontinued. Our team has worked hard to create a database with over 100 resources that cover a wide range of topics and we are looking for new enthusiastic and creative members to help us expand our database. Our main focus currently is to create ESL resources that focus on speaking, comprehension, and grammar. As a Tailored Tutoring Program Leader, you will gather resources and create lesson plans to assist tutors in delivering effective tutoring sessions.



  • Gather online resources (websites, videos, games) and create your own resources to aid tutors.

  • Collaborate with tutors to make tailored study plans.

  • Help organize teaching strategies and Q&A workshops.

  • Time commitment: 2 hrs/week

Number of positions: 10-15 (high demand)

Levitating Books
Art Supply



Not currently accepting applications.


Our Summer Programs run from July to August, offering a wide range of activities to engage students outside of school. This collection of programs includes the Reading Circles, Weekly Crafts, and SWIS Collaboration.